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        1. Blow molding machine & PET preform mould manufacturer in China.

          sales@yeekool.com +86-13566853207 Inquiry
          Taizhou YEEKOOL machine & mould Co.,Ltd. located in Huangyan, Taizhou. YEEKOOL specialized in the area of blow molding machine and PET preform moulds, mainly offering the clients full-automatic blow moulding machine, hand feeding blow molding machine, semi-automatic blow molding machine, auxiliary machines, PET preform moulds, blowing molds, preforms etc.
          Our company introduce overseas advanced technology, formed a research and development team with many experts, engineers and technicians, to ensure the high quality products. The powerful team assures our products with advanced technology, reliable quality, for gaining high reputation and good credit. We adopts quality adminstration system and take quality as the life of our enterprise.
          The advanced equipment, high manufacturing technology and perfect quality inspection system assures strong protection for the precision of products. Also, our complete sales and service line covers pre-sales, sales and after-sales. Our whole team will try our best to offer the most considerate service to our customer. Friends from various fields are warmly welcome to visit us.
          Yeekool Machine always insist the faith of building the world famous brand for PET packaging machinery, and continues to work hard for this booming market.