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        1. Blow molding machine & PET preform mould manufacturer in China.

          sales@yeekool.com +86-13566853207 Inquiry

          Hand feeding preform automatic blow modling machine YKH series

          • Brand Name: YEEKOOL
          • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set
          • Delivery Detail: 30 days after payment
          • Warranty: One Year
          • Port: Shanghai/Ningbo
          • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
          • Contact: Ms. Tina
          • Mobile / Whatsapp: +86-13566853207
          Product Description

          The machine is designed for bottles with wide-mouth or big volume bottles and so on. Preforms fed manually and blown automatically. Operated easily, no particular technical requirements for operator. Compact-sized, easy installation and maintenance.

          Item YKH2500-1 YKH5000-1 YKH600-1 YKH1500-1 YKH1000-2 YKH2000-2
          Theoretical output 800-1000 500-700 1200-1300 1000-1300 1600-2000 1400-2000
          Container volume 2.5L 5L 0.6L 1.5L 1L 2L
          Preform inner diameter 110mm 140mm 65mm 85mm 65mm 80mm
          Max.bottle diameter 140mm 200mm 85mm 110mm 85mm 105mm
          Max.bottle height 320mm 350mm 280mm 350mm 280mm 350mm
          Cavity 1Pc 1Pc 1Pc 1Pc 2Pc 2Pc
          Main machine size 2.65X1.85X1.8m 2.7X1.757X2.0m 2.2X1.65X1.8m 2.4X1.85X1.9m 2.53X1.5X1.58m 3.1X2.X1.9m
          Machine weight 1.5T 2.0T 1.3T 1.5T 1.7T 1.8T
          Max.heating power 24kw 33kw 18kw 24kw 21kw 24kw
          Installation power 25kw 34kw 19kw 35kw 21.5kw 25kw
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        2. Hand feeding preform automatic blow modling machine YKH series