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        1. Blow molding machine & PET preform mould manufacturer in China.

          sales@yeekool.com +86-13566853207 Inquiry

          24 cavities

          pin-valve hot runner

          P20/2316/3Cr12/S136 etc

          2 millon mould shot times

          CSD juice bottle

          250ml / 500ml / 1000ml / 1.25L etc

          water / juice / oil / nonfood etc

          2 millon mould shot times

          What we do?

          Taizhou YEEKOOL Machine & Mould Co.,Ltd. located in Zhejiang Huangyan--The Town of Mould, is a professional mould company with good manging and manufacturing system depend on the experienced workforce.
          YEEKOOL can offer developing, manufacturing automatic blow molding machine, semi-automatic blow moulding machine, hand feeding preform blow molding machine, PET preform mould, cap mould, PET blow mould, PET preform injection machine and other blow moulding machine etc complete service. Company has high research and developing ability, prduction ability and high precision testing ability.